What I Learned From Reading Mad About The House: 101 Interior Design Answers

Kate Watson-Smyth has been writing about interiors for 20 years and she has helped clients to style their homes. In her new book, Mad About The House: 101 Interior Design Answers, she shares her expertise and offers a wealth of practical tips and checklists.

Mad About The House: 101 Interior Design Answers Cover

The Six Questions You Need To Ask: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?

Before you embark on a home renovation or refresh an interior design scheme, this book defines an essential 101 questions with answers and is an invaluable aid to saving money, decision-making, avoiding common mistakes and creating a home which is ideal for its inhabitants.

Mad About The House

What specific interior design advice does the book provide ?

Whether you are considering redesigning one room or an entire home, you will be guided through the process by chapter after chapter of clear and insightful advice:

  • how to decide on a room’s layout.
  • which flooring to choose.
  • what to consider when designing a lighting or heating scheme.
  • where to spend money to its best advantage.
  • who can help with structural issues.
  • what to think about when selecting bathroom fittings.
  • how to choose the best layout, appliances, cabinets and worktops for your kitchen.

Why You Should Go To A Hotel

“The bathroom is the best room to begin with….if you have a lovely bathroom where you can wash yourself (and let’s be honest, probably the plates and pans as well), you will immediately feel better. Also, you can shut yourself in there and have a little cry when it all gets too much.”

When To Splurge And When To Save On Furniture

What other interior decoration tips are covered in the book?

Each chapter provides tips for working through what is ideal for each space:

  • where to find inspiration.
  • how to make the most of small spaces.
  • how to create zones for work, relaxation and entertainment.
  • how to hang wallpaper.
  • where best to invest, from beds and furniture to selecting antiques, doors and door hardware.
  • which paints and patterns to use and how to design a colour scheme.

How Do I Zone An Open Plan Space

Mad About The House: 101 Interior Design Answers provides the solution to every design dilemma. Be it a house, a flat or a room you are decorating, the book is packed with ideas and inspiration for every budget and is an essential tool to renovating your home.

Kate Watson-Smyth by Rekha DamharImage: Rekha Damhar

The author, Kate Watson-Smyth, is an award winning journalist and blogger who runs the acclaimed website madaboutthehouse.com.

Mad About The House: 101 Interior Design Answers by Kate Watson-Smyth, Published by Pavilion Books (£20).



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