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This Month's Prize

Craft Britain: Why Making Matters by David Linley and Helen Chislett, Welbeck Publishing Group, 2023

Craft is at the very heart of British identity, from stained-glass windows in country churches and the Enid Blyton charm of thatched houses to the ceremonial livery worn by horses at Buckingham Palace and indeed digital craftsmanship enriching ground-breaking technologies. Craft Britain brings together watchmakers with saddlers, bell casters with neon benders, shoemakers with silversmiths, potters with orrery-makers, beating the drum for these skills and traditions and proving that craftsmanship in Britain is neither dying nor dead but is a continuing exploration of process, materials and ideas spanning architecture, interiors, fashion, art and design. Featuring The House Directory members: The Cornish Bed Company, Cox London and Otzi London.

If you don’t win our exclusive prize draw copy, you can purchase one here.


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