Spring gardening tips

Diogo Correia, Head of Landscaping at The Chelsea Gardener, gives us his top tips for spring gardening…

As a gardener, is there any better season than spring?
When I see my plants coming back to life, buds everywhere, the first Sakura flowers – aka Cherry blossoms – in full bloom and the birds singing from branch to branch, I know something delightful is about to start… Spring has arrived! Although this year the Siberian winds have delayed the arrival of such an exciting time, a plume of tropical maritime air has been pushed over us. At this point your garden really needs you. These are the most important tasks for the next few months:

• Plant the last summer flowering tubers and other bulbs such as Gladioli, Dahlias, Lilies. Ensure you feed bulbs that have finished flowering to help improve flowering for next year.

• This is also the right time of year to plant out young sweet peas, so that you don’t miss out on their absolutely delicious fragrance later in the season!

• For the kitchen garden one can sow indoor broad beans, swede, beetroot, peas, spinach, lettuce and cabbages amongst others. These can be moved out as soon as the seedlings have grown enough to be transplanted.

• Make sure the lawn is kept mowed and remember to apply fertiliser generously to the entire garden. This is the most important time to use plant food and when plants need it the most.

• Use a fork to relieve soil compaction and remove unwanted weeds. This is the perfect time for planting things in the garden but remember to divide them in order to avoid beds getting over-crowded.

The Chelsea Gardener landscaping services provides maintenance visits at regular intervals in addition to complete design proposals. They also sell a wide range of conservatory and outdoor furniture, garden essentials, gifts and decorations, plants and pots.  It’s a one-stop destination with friendly and knowledgeable staff.

The Chelsea Gardener is at 125 Sydney St, London, SW3 6NR. Tel: 020-7352 5656  www.chelseagardener.com

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