Series S- Balineum’s new collection of hand painted tiles

Decorative tiles have adorned bathrooms across Europe for centuries. From the ports of Amalfi to the villages of Portugal, artisan-painted tiles capture the essence of the Mediterranean. Balineum celebrates the heritage of these seaports with Series S, a new range of ceramic tiles hand-painted in Italy and available in the UK exclusively through Balineum.

Over 90 unique designs make up this colourful and versatile collection with traditional florals and intricate decorative motifs alongside graphic geometric patterns. Series S is suitable for bathrooms and wet-rooms, as well as kitchen and exteriors.

Balineum - Series S tiles

An inspiring tiled bathroom designed by Studio Perregalli.
Photographer: Luis Ridao

new Series S tiles by Balineum

geometric Series S tiles by Balineum

new Series S tiles by Balineum

Trellis Series S tiles by Balineum

graphic Series S tiles by Balineum

Series S tiles by Balineum

Balineum are especially excited to introduce ‘listelli’ tiles to the UK. These tiles were originally designed to go around doorways in the houses of Italy.  They also work well as a trim above square field tiles.

Glazes for Series S tiles by Balineum

Patterns, trims and coordinating plain tiles are available in 27 glaze colours.

Series S includes field tiles, border tiles and decorative trim with a variety of customisation options also available.

Prices for the collection start at £380 inc VAT per square metre. Lead times are 10-14 weeks (made up of 3-4 weeks for colour sampling, followed by 6-8 weeks for production order).



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