Upholstery Courses

The AMUSF was founded in 1947 (previously AMU) to protect the interests of upholsterers, small furniture makers, and soft furnishers. In those days of post-war austerity, this group of master craftsmen and craftswomen were starved of many of the materials needed for their trades.

Today they still represent and support membership on various Government and industry bodies in order to maintain the crafts of upholstery and soft furnishings, including in education.

The members, both large and small businesses, undertake a wide range of standard and specialised work within both the domestic and contract markets. Whether they are a sole trader working out of a small workshop or a larger business with many employees, they all have a passion for maintaining the high standards that the discerning consumer is looking for.

The range of work undertaken by members includes traditional upholstery, antique restoration, modern upholstery work (including contract work for public buildings), bespoke furniture making, loose covers, car/coach trimming, marine upholstery, polishing and caning. The Soft Furnishers specialize in curtains, draperies, blinds, bedding and lampshade making.

You will find details of all members on their website. Just enter your postcode to find someone in your area: www.AMUSF.org



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