Contemporary Rugs

A Rols area rug is an elegant and practical addition to any space, with products suited to both internal and external applications. Combining our stocked carpet ranges with a thoughtfully
curated collection of co-ordinating edge finishes, all rugs are tailored to your individual requirements. With no minimum quantity, every rug is custom sized and fabricated to create a
perfectly proportioned and stylish piece. Rols is a family-owned Spanish brand specialising in the design and manufacture of sustainable carpets and made to measure rugs. With over 100 years of history, the company operates all production processes in-house to ensure a consistency of product quality. They have a long-standing commitment to sustainable manufacturing and constantly focus on reducing environmental impact across all areas of business. Rols carpets and rugs, whether standard or bespoke, are always made from responsibly sourced fibres. Premium wool, post-
industrial use Nylon repurposed into carpet yarn from fishing nets and recycled PET extracted from single use plastic bottles are all used across their stylish product portfolio.



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