Major Art & Antiques Fairs

Penman Antiques Fairs offer authenticated furniture art and artifacts from the past 300 years with around 40+reputable specialists.

It was established in 1973 by Eric Gamlin who also ran antiques fairs in Farnham, Lymington and Solihull. After his death, his widow, Heather, continued to run Petersfield.

In 1999 Caroline Penman bought the Fair from Heather, and in 2003 ran the last June event. It continued in February/March and September annually, growing in stature quality and popularity.

The Festival Hall has always been the venue, popular with dealers and collectors alike, it is eagerly anticipated. The early February date was always a challenge with the weather. So, from 2022 it runs in early March and early September.

Complimentary tickets via their website.



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