Plain English colour collection 2013


Plain English Design have just launched a new collection of ‘colours for cupboards’ available exclusively to their clients. The palette of twelve colours, developed by interior decorator Adam Bray and stylist Sue Skeen, have some great names: ‘Rice Pudding’, ‘Woollen Flump’,  ‘Boiled Dishcloth’ and ‘Pretty Pickle’.

‘Hallway’ by Plain English with bench seat painted in ‘Inky Nib’;  walls painted in ‘Scullery Latch’ ; scullery painted in ‘Army Camp’.

‘The Anteroom’ with cupboards and stools painted in ‘Scullery Latch’.

‘The Spitalfields Kitchen’ with cupboards & walls painted in ‘Draughty Passage’; dresser interior & doorframe painted in ‘Army Camp’; larder doors painted in ‘Scullery Latch’; larder painted in ‘Boiled Dishcloth’.

In the downstairs showroom, the cupboards at the back are painted in ‘Rusty Nail’, and in the foreground, in ‘Coal Scuttle’.

This blind in their showroom acts as a paint chart. The colours are:

1 Scullery Latch ; 2 Starched Apron; 3 Inky Nib; 4 Coal Scuttle; 5 Pretty Pickle; 6 Dripping Tap; 7 Army Camp; 8 Draughty Passage; 9 Rusty Nail; 10 Wollen Flump; 11 Rice Pudding; 12 Dishcloth.

Plain English kitchens start at £40,000. Other rooms start at £25,000.

These shots are taken in their Marylebone showroom, at 28 Blandford Street, London W1U 4BZ. Tel: 020 7486 2674 ,  01449 774028



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