New colours from Pots of Paint

Architectural historian and interior designer Edward Bulmer has formulated twenty-one new colours for his 100% natural Pots of Paint Collection. Made using only natural earth and mineral pigments, his chalky-finish paint range now includes fabulously vivid shades such as Invisible Green, Azurite and Brimstone as well as new neutrals.

White-Lead paint from Pots of Paint

‘White Lead’, an eco-friendly version of traditional white lead oil paint. Also known as ‘Flake White’ and widely used for centuries, traditional White Lead was manufactured by storing sheets of lead in pits of manure until flaky white deposits formed. These were then mixed into an oil base. No longer used because of health hazards, white lead paint did have a very special colour tone which Edward Bulmer recaptures in his authentic recreation.

Rose-Pink natural paint by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint

‘Rose Pink’

Lead natural paint by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint


Azurite eco-friendly paint by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint


Aquatic natural paint by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint


Aquatic natural paint by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint

‘Invisible Green’ revives the idea of a colour that you could use to paint ironwork outside the same colour as the grass so that it became invisible. It’s actually a beautiful, fresh green – the colour of lawns, leaves and foliage. In the age of Jane Austen and Humphrey Repton it became all the rage and started a fashion that endured through the C19th.

Slate natural paint by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint


New natural paint colours by Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint

The 21 new colours.

Edward Bulmer is a ‘Colourman’ in the 18th Century sense of the word: a master of both the art and science of colour. He has a matchless eye for colour as well as an encyclopaedic knowledge of historic paints and interiors. Renowned for restoring Britain’s heritage buildings, he also has the technical know-how to translate historic references into paint shades perfectly tuned for modern living.

Packed with pigment and formulated with only natural ingredients, the Pots of Paint patinas have a chalky finish with exceptional depth and a subtle, mutable response to light which synthetic paints can never mimic. The effect is as remarkable in ultra-modern interiors as it is in Georgian stately homes and just as obvious in the neutral shades as in the bright, strong colours. It’s also one of the very few authentic eco-friendly paint ranges. Its natural emulsion and oil paints have no synthetic ingredients or harmful emissions, allow walls to breathe and are made with only sustainably produced raw materials such as beeswax, milk casein and linseed oil.

Now offering seventy-two inspiring colours for inside and out, Edward Bulmer’s Pots of Paint Collection includes Natural Emulsion, Natural Flat Oil, Natural Oil Eggshell and Natural Oil Gloss. Prices for Natural Emulsion start from £38 for 2.5 litres., +44 (0)1544 388 535



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