Manuel Canovas’ new 2013 collection


Manuel Canovas’ new 2013 collection  takes us on an exotic and joyful journey …

Tropical fruits and figurative floral prints with influences from the Far East, Northern India and the French Caribbean come through in these bold ikats, embroideries, stripes and plains. Fuchsia pink, saffron yellow, turquoise blue and absinthe green are among the rich pigments of this new fabric range, which marks 50 years of exquisite design from the house of Manuel Canovas.

Manuel Canovas

A selection of colourways of Nura 04784 with, in the background: Samira, rose indien 04780/02

Stool: Kayla, ciel 04778/03

Cushions (top to bottom): Sara, ciel 04779/03; Tiana, rose/orange 04786/06; Leila, ciel 04789/03; Kerala, rose indien 04788/02; Sultan, rose 04792/02; Yana, rose/rubis 04785/06; Foch, ciel 04783/22; Champs Elysees, rose 04781/22; Lina, rose indien 04790/02; Foch, rose 04783/16

Fabrics (top to bottom): Bella, rose indien 04791/02; Kerala, rose indien 04788/02; Yana, rose/rubis 04785/06; Sara, parme 04779/01; Leila, rose indien 04789/02; Samira, rose indien 04780/02; Sultan, fuchsia 04792/03; Champs Elysees, raisin 04781/21; Sara, rose indien 04779/02
Background: Kazan, rose indien 04787/02

Armchairs: Yana, absinthe/turquoise 04785/08

Cushions: Top – Champs Elysees, prairie 04781/10 and Bottom – Nura, turquoise 04784/36

Top left fan: Nura, turquoise 04784/36
Middle left fan: Nura, aqua 04784/37
Middle right fan: Nura, menthe 04784/39
Bottom right fan: Nura, lagon 04784/38
Background: Serendip, nuit 04811/04

Sofa: Kazan, rose indien 04787/02

Cushions (front to back): Tiana, rose/orange 04786/06; Kerala, rose indien 04788/02; Foch, rose 04783/16; Champs Elysees, rose 04781/22

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