Little Greene’s new ‘colour highlights’

In keeping with the company’s ethos of mixing old and new, classic with contemporary, and traditional with trendy, Little Greene has launched ‘colour highlights’ – an eclectic melting pot of combinations, of sophisticated base shades with bold accents.

With so many of us living modern lives in buildings originally designed for a completely different lifestyle, Little Greene‘s aim has been to find ways in which historical ‘neutral colours’ can remain true to their origins and architecture, whilst forming the basis of contemporary design schemes; not by changing them but by changing the colours used with them.

Little Greene Celestial Blue, Marine Blue & Bronze Red

Celestial Blue and Marine Blue with a touch of the lively Bronze Red round the mirror.

Little Greene Paints

Colour blocking, with Deep Space Blue, Bronze Red & Yellow-Pink

Little Greene Portland Stone & Atomic Red

Panelling in Portland Stone – Dark 157 & chair in Atomic Red 190

Little Greene Hicks’ Blue & Green Verditer

Telecom Tower meets Broughton House – The legendary 1960s restaurant colour ‘Hicks’ Blue’ with the Regency shade ‘Green Verditer’.

Little Greene Yellow Pink & Lamp Black

The popular Regency shade ‘Yellow-Pink’ with ‘Lamp Black’ woodwork in place of the traditionally favoured off-white.

Little Greene Sage Green & Mambo

The charming Victorian colour ‘Sage Green’, paired – perhaps surprisingly – with the ultra-blue ‘Mambo’.

Little Greene Grey Teal, Shallows & Marigold

Pure cool grey with a bright streak of 1970s chic – ‘Grey Teal’ with ‘Marigold’.

The new Little Greene showroom is at 3 New Cavendish St, London W1G 8UX

T: +44 (0)20 7935 8844



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