Leather-clad balustrade by Topp & Co.

Bespoke architectural metalworkers Topp & Co. have recently completed this stunning 30 metre leather-clad balustrade for a house in Hampstead, North London.

Leather handrail by Topp & Co

Leather handrail by Topp & Co

Leather handrail by Topp & Co

Leather handrail by Topp & Co

To create the sharp lines required in the architect’s design Topp & Co. used bright cold rolled mild steel bar – its clearly defined edges accentuate the definition between the black faces and polished edges. Standard hot rolled mild steel would not have produced the same smart finish due to the rounded corners its manufacture gives it. Although a little more expensive and less forgiving to work with, they feel that the resulting effect was well worth it. The finishing touch was for the handrail to be bound in black leather with polished stainless steel collars.

The balustrade was manufactured under the new EN1090 regulations meaning all materials and processes undertaken are traceable and all welding has been carried out by their certified welders to an approved standard.

For more details of the EN1090 legislation (and lots more of Topp & Co’s work) see their website www.toppandco.com




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