Who says you need a sprawling estate to enjoy the outdoors? Even a small courtyard or patio can become your oasis with the right garden decor.

Soften hard landscape with planters and water features. Mix and match sculptures, rose arches, trellises, and decorative lighting to transform your backyard into a scene straight out of a magazine—and have your neighbours green with envy!

Find the best suppliers in this guide for clever garden ornaments to enhance your outdoor space.


Bronzino Planters

Hand-made from copper, brass, or zinc sheets, Bronzino’s gorgeous pots come in various shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes, so there’s something to suit every garden style.

Check out their brand-new Tulip range, named after the showy spring flower. You can get them in small and large sizes and copper green or grey hues.

The Heveningham Collection

The Heveningham Collection

Heveningham Collection is a top choice for many of the world’s leading interior designers. Their product catalogue includes garden sets, deck chairs, trolleys, trellises, obelisks, chaise longues, and swing seats.

You can find the Heveningham Collection in several exclusive hotels worldwide, including The Sandy Lane in Barbados, The Connaught, Claridges, and the Lime Wood in Hampshire.

Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke - Garden Ornaments

Interior designer Rose Uniacke’s trademark is understated design. Her impeccable taste pours out in her new selection of antique garden ornaments and statuary, like this pair of Terracotta Garden Pots by Archibald Knox.

Made by Carter & Co for Liberty & Co, these pots feature Celtic-inspired relief decoration and a stamp inside the rim. For more unusual garden ornaments in the UK, head to.

Redwood Stone

Redwood Stone

Redwood Stone is famous for its follies and ruins in Gothic and Tuscan styles. They’ve also created a range of Italianate garden structures, such as cloister facades, arched collonades, columns, temples, and even a fully functional Roman bath and spa!

For a complete design and build package, visit

A Place In The Garden

A Place In The Garden

Looking for one-of-a-kind zinc planters and decorative pieces? A Place in the Garden has hand-crafted pieces dipped in molten zinc!

Their Leaf Ball Water Feature (pictured) stole the scene at last year’s Chelsea Flower Show. This modern 90-cm ball features a subtle leaf design on an octagonal base.

Garden Requisites

Metal Rose Arch
Image: Metal Rose Arch by garden requisites

Garden Requisites

Imagine wirework structures overflowing with colourful blooms and charming gazebos creating relaxing spots.

Garden Requisites brings these timeless designs to life with their arches, canopies, porches, trellis panels, window boxes, and other garden art, meticulously crafted from woven wirework lattice.

The second picture is Aldourie Castle on the Loch Ness shores, with a rose arch, trellis, and an octagonal wirework garden pavilion.


Holloways - Garden Ornaments

Check out Holloways for an eclectic range of antique garden ornament. The statue of Autumn (pictured)

is a mid-19th-century stone creation from the esteemed London workshop of Felix Austin and John Seeley.

Though she’s missing the lower part of her right arm and was once painted in silver to mimic lead, the intricate details of her head will grab your attention.

Architectural Heritage

Architectural Heritage

Architectural Heritage specialises in period-style garden ornaments and statuary, including water features and timeless garden furniture.

One of their latest creations is the Courtyard Copper Garden Planter, handmade with a rolled edge. This Verdigris container is a client-inspired ornament, available in small to extra large.

A proud member of BADA (British Antique Dealers Association) and LAPADA (The Association of Art & Antique Dealers), Architectural Heritage also offers bespoke commissions.

The Stripes Company

The Stripes Company

Sky Blue and White Stripe Garden Sun Shelter
Image: Sky Blue and White Stripe Garden Sun Shelter by The Stripes Company

Add a chic shade to your backyard with The Stripes Company’s Edwardian Garden Sun Shelters. Made from 100% cotton, these awnings are easy to set up and feature a vibrant bobble fringe for an instant feel-good retro vibe.

Choose from various striped designs to match your style, and pair them with one of The Stripes Company’s director’s chairs or deck chairs as showcased

in our May blog.  

Cressida & Rose

Versailles with Studs & Bands in Antique Black and Bronze
Image: Versailles with Studs & Bands in Antique Black and Bronze by Cressida & Rose

Cressida & Rose

Cressida & Rose works with a dream team of trusted suppliers to bring you exquisite collections of garden sculptures, planters, and outdoor lighting. You can also get their products in bespoke finishes.

Versailles Planter is a timeless design produced in aluminium and ‘Zintec’ (zinc-coated steel), with solid brass or painted accents.

Available in standard and custom sizes, you can use them for specimens and miniature fruit trees.

Westland London


Westland London

Since 1969, Westland London has been a popular destination for antique chimneypieces and stunning architectural antiques.

But did you know they also have a spectacular collection of garden statuary and decorations in wood, stone, marble, and cast iron?

Their eclectic mix includes fountains, birdbaths, urns, gates, columns, garden furniture, and lighting. Featured is an early 20th-century lead garden figure of a Naiad or water nymph, seated on a rocky outcrop.

John Cullen

John Cullen Lighting

Although lighting is not your traditional garden ornament, it’s an essential feature in any garden. Thoughtfully placed lighting can illuminate walkways, cast a relaxing ambience, and accentuate architectural details.

A garden can appear magical at night by lighting a few chosen plants or ornaments. Specialist John Cullen recommends spiked garden lights

like the Kew and Hampton, which you can move as plants grow.

Meanwhile, the Lucca uplights, or hanging Starlighter, can create whimsical patterns as they move in the breeze.

How Do I Protect My Garden Ornaments?

Here are some tips to help your garden ornaments endure for many seasons to come:

  • Add a protective sealant or finish to your ornaments to shield them from the elements and keep them looking fresh without fading or rusting.
  • Bring your ornaments indoors or find a sheltered spot for them in extreme weather.
  • Give your ornaments a regular scrubbing using mild soap and water to remove any dirt or grime that might build up and cause problems over time. Wipe them dry with a clean cotton cloth.
  • Check your ornaments now and then for any cracks, chips, or signs of rust. Address these issues early on to prevent further deterioration.
  • Anchor your decor securely or place it on a stable surface to prevent it from tipping over or getting damaged during a strong breeze.

How to Make Garden Ornaments

Making garden ornaments is fantastic for weekend projects. Here are some general steps:

  1. Decide what type of decor you want to make. It could be a sculpture, stepping stone, spinner, birdbath, wind chime, or any decorative item.
  2. Gather materials specific to your design.
  3. Set up a suitable workplace for your project. For ceramics or metalwork, set up a workbench. If using concrete or plaster, have a mixing area and moulds ready.
  4. Follow your design plan and create your ornament:
  • Clay or concrete: Sculpt your design using your chosen material. Allow it to dry or cure according to the product instructions. Finish with glaze or concrete.
  • Wood: Carve your design using carving tools. Sand and finish the wood as desired.
  • Metal: Weld or shape the metal into your desired form. Use appropriate safety gear and techniques.
  • Recycled Materials: Use creativity to repurpose items into unique garden ornaments. For example, you can turn old tyres into planters, or weld scrap metal into sculptures.


Garden ornaments offer clever ways to enhance your outdoor space. Consider a stylish planter, unique sculpture, colourful sun awning, and trendy lighting to give your garden that extra wow factor.

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