Craven Dunnill’s new Ludlow tile collection

Specialist tile company Craven Dunnill has launched the new Ludlow Collection of elongated brick-shaped wall tiles with a hand-made look and a pretty palette of colours.

Each tile is individually crafted with irregular edges and a gently undulating surface. The semi-transparent glaze follows the contours of the hand crafted tile and gives an individual charm and a heritage look.

Craven Dunnill, Ludlow tile

Craven Dunnill, Ludlow tile

Craven Dunnill, Ludlow tile

The 14 Ludlow colours offered in the launch range are: Milk White, Clotted Cream, Peppermint, Dove Grey, Wheatgrass, Duck Egg, Goose Grey, Fudge, Spearmint, Peppercorn, Truffle, Loganberry, Squid Ink, Chestnut. These ceramic pigments and stains are colourfast and unaffected by ultra violet light. Fired to over 1000 degrees Celsius, the ceramic finish is permanent and will not fade or discolour with time.  The tiles are gloss finish and are suitable for all interior walls, including bathrooms and kitchens.

The rectangular brick or strip format of the 300 x 75mm tiles can be fixed horizontally or vertically. The elongated size is a variation on a traditional brick format, which originates from the Victorian era. At that time, glazed bricks became sought-after as decorative features in the home, in contrast to fired bricks which were used externally. The tile industry then adopted the elongated brick shapes and the Ludlow Collection reflects this format. The shape is very versatile and can be used in several different ways to create bespoke patterns and designs. Options include straight bond, half bond, random bond and herringbone.

Craven Dunnill T: 01746 761611



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  1. Hi I’m after 1 square metre of 300×75 ren306 duck egg series Ludlow ren306 gloss ceramic tiles, do you stock them please ?

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