April Russell’s top tips for displaying art

Here at April Russell, we are very passionate about what we do. We believe art enhances an interior, and creates a depth to a scheme that simply can’t be achieved using other design methods. It adds character, and offers an insight into the personality of the homeowner.

In our experience, many people are afraid to acquire an art collection in case they get something wrong.  Perhaps they are unsure of their tastes, or they may be daunted by the task of where to hang each piece. This is understandable, and completely natural! The right piece can transform a space, and so can the wrong one. With this in mind, I have put together my five top tips for displaying art in your own home…

April Russell - top tips on displaying art

Consider the art when decorating
A common mistake when adding art to an interior is to design the room first, and add the art second. Instead, you should be designing around the art. This way you can pick out accent colours and themes, and create a truly harmonious space.

Only buy pieces you can’t live without
When you truly love something, you are more likely to make it work. Only buy art that truly speaks to you, and that you can’t walk away from.

April Russell - top tips on displaying art

Avoid an overuse of pattern
Try hanging each piece in a visually quiet space, so that it can speak for itself. Displaying art in an environment that is overcrowded only distracts the viewer from its beauty.

Framing is important
Think carefully about your frame, as it can make or break a piece. Try framing by era, or bring in a professional to offer their expertise.

April Russell - top tips on displaying art

Hang at eye level
Never hang art at an awkward height. You want those viewing to leisurely draw pleasure from each piece, not to have to stand on their tiptoes to see it!

April Russell is an international interior design studio, specializing in art. For more inspiration from top U.K. interior designers browse The House Directory.



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