Amazing faux flowers from The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree has just launched its new Faux Flower Collection – there are single faux flower stems and ‘hand-picked’ arrangements, all of them amazingly realistic!  The stems can be moulded to shape, bent or cut down to size with a pair of garden secateurs, or simply displayed as they are in one of their lovely glass flower vases.

Faux buttercups from The Olive Tree

This ‘Buttercup’stem is so realistic it fools most! It’s £9 per stem, and works well on its own or mixed with the other wild flower stems.

Faux flowers from The Olive Tree - Rose

‘Rose Cottage’, a simple classic display of Pink Roses and Lady’s Mantle stems, set off beautifully in The Olive Tree’s sheer bronze vase, giving it a vintage feel.  This display is £165 but you can also buy the stems individually.

Faux flowers from The Olive Tree - Hydrangea Mix

‘Hydrangea Mix’, a beautiful mix of greens – the Hydrangea, Eucalyptus & Lady’s Mantle stems create a stunning fresh display. Shown in The Olive Tree’s pastel green glazed pot. This display is £339 (see their stem section to buy  individually).

Faux hydrangea from The Olive Tree

‘Hydrangea Grand’, a large mixed arrangement of Blush Hydrangeas and White Snowberries. £475.

Faux mini olive trees from The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree had to have a mini olive tree to their collection… Available in a mini rustic stone pot.

Faux tulips from The Olive Tree

Display boxes with other blooms, including their small tulips (£3.95 each) and large tulips (£5.95 each). They are available in six colour options. Great in single colour bunches or mixed up for a vibrant look.

Faux flowers from The Olive Tree
See the full range of faux flowers and vases on The Olive Tree’s sister website:



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