10 Tips For Designing A Home Office

Are you logging full workweek hours as a remote employee or kitchen table entrepreneur? Why settle for a plain table and chair when you can have the home office of your dreams?

Here are ten tips for designing a home office to help you transform any space into a haven of efficiency and style!

1. Maximise Small, Unused Spaces

Ever thought about turning that closet or tucked-away corner into your perfect work nook? These hidden spots are golden retreats for focus and productivity!

John Lewis of Hungerford

Image: John Lewis of Hungerford, making great use of an awkward corner.

2. Customise Storage

Say goodbye to clutter! Plan your storage like a pro with shelves, cupboards, and neat organisation solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Kelling_Home Office_Mark Bolton Photography

Image: A neat home office alcove by Kelling Designs.

Fabric-wrapped storage boxes
Image: Kate Forman fabric-wrapped storage boxes

Kate Forman

Image: Kate Forman, Pretty fabric-wrapped storage boxes are great tools for home office organisation.

3. Let There Be Natural Light

Nothing beats a sunny view while you tackle your to-do list. All that natural light can lift your spirits and spark your creativity!

Image: Martin Moore, a light-filled home office with a view.

Plain English

Image: Plain English, glazed doors and a window let in that natural light.

4. Add Artificial Lighting

When the sun sets, ensure your workspace stays lit with ambient and stylish task lighting that adds a personality to your desk space.

Pierre Disderot 1013

Image: Tanguy Rolin, the iconic #1013 desk light by Pierre Disderot. 

5. Have Plenty of Storage

Built-in bookcases and smart filing cabinets can make your workspace feel like a zen zone where everything’s in place.


Image: Ensoul, a well-planned, tucked-away, home office.

Custom Joinery

Image: Roselind Wilson Design, expertly designed bespoke joinery.

6. Create an Ample Workspace

Divide and conquer with a spacious desk area equipped with all your tech essentials. And don’t forget to tidy up those cables!

The Dormy House

Image: The Dormy House, a generous workspace housing your files, computer, printer, keyboard, and noticeboard customised to maximise your space.

Jasper Morrison Desktop Charger

Image: Jasper Morrison, a functional and stylish desktop charger.

7. Design a Multi-Functional Space

Why stop at just work? Combine your desk with a snooze spot or play area for a contemporary home office design that does it all!

Go Modern

Image: Go Modern, a bunk bed combining wardrobe, shelving and desk space.

8. Get a Comfortable Desk Chair

Your back deserves better! Invest in a cosy chair that’s as inviting as it is stylish.

David Seyfried

Image: David Seyfried, a comfy upholstered chair looks elegant next to a wood table.

9. Consider an Extension or Garden Office

If you’ve got the space, why not expand your office to a garden retreat or an extension for maximum focus and peace?

Consider setting up a separate garden building with all the essentials like heating, power, and lights.

You might need to lay a foundation for it, but it’s usually a smooth process under permitted development rules. Just be sure to check with your local authorities to avoid any surprises!

Garden Affairs

Image: Garden Affairs. If your garden can accommodate a studio, it’s an ideal location for a quiet and private home office.

10. Hide Your Office in Plain Sight

Turn pantry doors into secret portals to your organised and chic home office space!

John Lewis of Hungerford 2

Image: John Lewis of Hungerford, a compact and discreet home office in eye-popping blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Most Popular Home Design Ideas in the UK?

Scandinavian and sleek modern styles are all the rage right now. But remember to embrace that quintessential British charm with vintage pieces, warm colours, and plush textiles.

What Is the Best Home Office Storage Design?

It depends on your needs and space. Customised shelving, hidden cabinets, and clever organisers are all fantastic options.

How Do You Build a Contemporary Home Office Design?

It’s all about clean lines, minimalism, and functionality. Start with a sleek desk and ergonomic chair. Then, add modern lighting fixtures and a splash of bold colour or artwork for personality.


Designing a home office should be both practical and enjoyable. With these ten tips, you can create a workspace that boosts productivity while reflecting your style and personality.

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