Victoria Stainow’s shell mirror & sconces

Bespoke furniture and lighting designer Victoria Stainow works with carefully selected craftsmen, mainly in France, using modern as well as traditional techniques and a variety of rich, materials including polished brass, glass, wood and parchment. Her latest products are the Molene Mirror and Sconces, created by artist Claudio Gonzalez using an original shell found during an archeological dig on the French island of Molene just off the coast of Brittany. The site was originally thought to be from the late Neolithic Period but there were also signs of early bronze age occupation. Most of the shells found on the island are Limpets but the shell used by Claudio is an Ormeau which is extremely rare and contains delicious meat. The shell was originally cast as a souvenir for the diggers on the site and each shell was engraved with the digger’s name on it. Claudio’s brother, an archeologist, was a director on the site.

Victoria Stainow - metal finishes

Some of the many custom finishes available.

Victoria Stainow, shell mirror & sconces

Miroir Molene, cast bronze from the original shell with silver-plated finish. Available in custom size and finish. Limited numbered edition. H: 68cm, W: 68cm, D: 4cm

Victoria Stainow, shell sconces

Molene Sconces.  These wall lights are cast bronze with silver-plating and a cast crystal rosette. Available in custom size and finish. Limited edition. H: 24cm, W: 24cm, D: 9cm

Visit Victoria Stainow by appointment in Provence and London. Tel: 00 44 (0)7956-113779
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