‘The Thoughtful Gardener’ by Jinny Blom

The Thoughtful Gardener, An intelligent approach to garden design by Jinny Blom.
A prolific designer who has enjoyed a meteoric rise as a landscape and garden designer since she began her London-based practice in 2000, Jinny Blom embraces a wide variety of styles, from formal walled gardens to contemporary installations. What defines her work is her skill with plants and her ability to create a garden that responds to the history of the site and the wider landscape. In this beautiful but also practical and informative book, Jinny shares her insight into the creative process she has developed while designing more than 250 gardens around the world. Her approach can be applied to any garden, whatever the shape, size of plot or aspect.

“There’s something of Little House on the Prairie about this that I could never have anticipated. I think it’s due to the rather un-English pitch of the cedar shingle roof. The flowery mead has been a big success and the harmony created between weathered timber, wise old trees and drifts of colour is beautiful.” Photo: Andrew Montgomery

“I made this fence of hazel wands and clay using a traditional pattern from Lesotho. I liked the juxtaposition with the razorsharp, water-cut stone of the flower bed border.” Photo: Allan Pollock-Morris

“The main canal garden border at Temple Guiting in June, flowering beneath slimly espaliered hornbeams. I cut them slim for maximum light. Even before they leaf up, the hornbeam espaliers are good architectural screens.” Photo: Andrew Montgomery

“Everyone loves arches. I’ve been trying to take them out and many voices rise in protest against this act of Philistinism. Perhaps they are right. I shall persevere!” Photo: Andrew Montgomery

The Thoughtful Gardener, An intelligent approach to garden design
by Jinny Blom is published by Jacqui Small, £35.




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