Soane’s map of British craftsmen

Soane has just produced this delightful illustrated ‘Map of Remarkable British Craftsmen & their Workshops’. All of Soane’s furniture, lighting and fabrics is made in workshops around Britain. For 16 years the company has sought out dedicated artisans practicing traditional skills like iron forging, saddlery, rattan-weaving, cabinet-making and bronze casting. All these craftsmen share an old-fashioned pride in their workmanship and producing the hand-made collection in Britain allows production to be flexible and quality to be relentlessly monitored.

Go to to see Soane’s  blacksmiths, silversmiths, upholsterers and saddle makers from Suffolk and Cornwall to the Forest of Dean. They work away, making pieces to order, with superb craftsmanship.  Soane has even taken on the last workshop in Britain still hand-weaving rattan and is establishing apprenticeships here and in other workshops to ensure that these skills live on.

Soane‘s showroom is at 50-52 Pimlico Rd, London, SW1W 8LP. Tel: 020-7730 6400



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