Coromandel creates exquisite Crewel Embroidered and Plain Handloom fabrics which are all Handmade, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, as well as being completely plastic and toxin Free. One metre of their embroidered Crewel takes a week to produce entirely by hand, using historic artisan methods, from the initial drawing of the design to the last stitch.  The Plain Handloom, which is used for the background of the crewel embroidery, is produced to upholstery weight on a traditional handloom, making it significantly thicker, heavier and softer than the alternative cheaper, brittle, power-loomed cotton options.  Fabrics are not machine-made in a factory, like most, but are produced by skilled artisans, who are meticulous in their work. Coromandel are proud to support the employment of both men and women in a cottage industry in the vales of Kashmir.



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