In her latest book, Nomad, stylist Sibella Court shows us how to bring our travels home with us in the most unexpected of ways. She has travelled to Syria, Mexico, Italy, India and Japan to be inspired by everything from door knobs and street signs to roadside shrines and household brooms. The ideas, photographs and mementos she collected are used to inspire room settings, illustrating simple, practical and surprising ways to be reminded of your travel experiences.

Nomad - front cover

We’ve chosen three pictures from the book’s section on Syria:

Nomad by Sibella Court

Globetrotting inspiration pics…

Nomad - Painted wall

The grey and white alternating courses of basalt and limestone of the Damascus souq inspired Sibella to paint her own, and finish off the look with a chalk rug drawn on the floor.

Stencilled wall in Nomad

On the streets in Syria, advertising and signage is often spray painted and stencilled. This is  a modern take on it, and it looks very much like wallpaper.

All images taken from Nomad by Sibella Court (£25), published by Murdoch Books.

Sibella Court’s haberdashery meets hardware store, The Society Inc., is in Sydney:



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