Neisha Crosland: Life of a Pattern

NEISHA CROSLAND, LIFE OF A PATTERN (by Merrell Publishers). Renowned for her sophisticated colour combinations and attention to balance and proportion, Neisha Crosland sees pattern everywhere. She seeks out symmetry, order and structure wherever she goes: in artefacts, buildings, paintings and, above all, in nature. This beautifully illustrated book is a personal and revealing account of her own story as a designer as well as giving us insights – sometimes technical but always accessible – into the evolution of a pattern, from the first spark of an idea to the finished product, whether that’s a textile, wallpaper, rug, tile or ceramic collection.

The cover of the book features a birdtree design by Neisha Crosland.

Small Ovals printed twill scarf. Belford Prints, UK, 2001

Spider hand-woven linen fabric panel, hand-embroidered with Zari metal thread hand-embroidery. R&B Enterprises, Calcutta, 2006. This feels like a ‘cloth of gold’ and in Mughal times Zari was traditionally made of gold or silver.

Pluto printed silk scarf, CTC china, Spring 1998

Flamenco pigment printed furnishing/curtain fabric, Stad McAlpin, UK, 2007. This design was inspired by 18th century chintz palampores from the V&A Museum.

Moorish Circles surflex printed wallpaper, TheSurface Print Company, UK, 2006. Decorative parapets, castellations and turrets, and Moroccan tilework provided inspiration.

Zebra wallpaper. Photograph by Jan Baldwin.

‘Pattern is my earliest memory, and continues to be my greatest indulgence. Its visual and holistic qualities make it a central theme in my life, and by creating it I hope to trumpet its relevance, celebrate its artistic value, and most importantly share and pass it on’. Neisha Crosland.

Delving into her extensive archives, and featuring specially commissioned photography by Misha Anikst, NEISHA CROSLAND, LIFE OF A PATTERN explores the creative processes behind the development of each of the designer’s favourite motifs including: Suns and Stars, Scallops, Scales and Crescents, Shells, Bells and Waves. Travelling across continents, cultures and eras – from Mughal India to Moorish Spain and 16th century Japan – and  drawing on conversations that she has had with musicians, mathematicians and other designers, this book provides a unique account of the beauty and complexity of pattern and is an invaluable source of reference and inspiration.

Neisha Crosland is an internationally renowned surface pattern designer. Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1984, her work has propelled her to the forefront of the design world. The recipient of numerous major awards including Royal Designer for Industry, Neisha Crosland designs products ranging from fabrics, tiles and wallpapers, to home and fashion accessories (

NEISHA CROSLAND, LIFE OF A PATTERN  is by Merrell Publishers, and costs £100.



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