Marketing a home décor business in 2024

Do you want to establish a home décor business or learn how to sell home décor online? You’ve come to the right place!

The home décor market continues to grow as more people become mindful of how we inhabit our homes. This boom in the home furnishings sector makes a home décor business highly lucrative.

Today, we discuss how to market a home décor business in 2024. Come along as we uncover the top anticipated trends. Plus, discover how to build and maintain a successful online shop!

Fiona Mostyn of My Deco Marketing @fiona.mostyn.

In this blog post, Fiona Mostyn of My Deco Marketing analyses and shares insights into the changes in our industry.

She investigates new data on e-commerce and market trends for the home décor market. Fiona also investigates how people shop and explores what they’re buying.

Read on for her top tips on reaching new customers if you are a member of the home décor community!

The 2024 Home DécorTrends in a Nutshell

According to Statista, the UK home décor segment generates a revenue of £3.52 billion, with an annual growth rate of 1.54%. The UK home décor market is seeing an increased demand for sustainable and eco-friendly designs.

On top of this, more people are hiring professionals for planning interior design, garden design, and renovation. There’s also a surge in the popularity of DIY projects.

Finally, there’s a continued preference for online shopping among consumers. Many independent companies are now becoming successful by reaching customers through e-commerce trade.

Key Trends Currently Driving Home Décor Purchases

1. Increased Time at Home

We spend more time indoors now than ever. Because of this, the sales of desks, chairs, and accessories for home offices and homeschooling are on the rise.

There’s an increase in home gym equipment as people are becoming health conscious. Furniture for home-related hobbies like baking, gardening, and crafting sells well.

On top of this, you may want to invest in home décor for multi-purpose rooms.

With all of the new activities at home, people are becoming resourceful in using spaces. You can meet this demand by selling transforming furniture that folds away when not needed.

2. Interior Design for Wellbeing

Another trend is the increased interest in interior design for wellbeing.

Today, consumers are expressing a desire for comfort and timelessness. Their décor purchases are driven by the need to cocoon from the outside world. This means creating a home that’s calming and soothing to the senses.

Small changes like adding new cushions, throws, or a fresh wall colour are great. These can lift the spirits and bring a sense of well-being into the space.

Moreover, people are also looking more critically at their homes. The things we normally fail to notice are now being improved or updated!

A masterful use of colour is manifested by Lulu Lytle of Soane Britain. Soane Britain has added LiveChat and Quick Ship on their website for designs on a six-week lead time. They have over 142K followers on Instagram.

3. A Love of Luxury

The luxury home décor sector is booming. Consumers are looking to purchase heirloom pieces that transcend trends and remain timeless.

Today, people want their homes to become filled with uniquely sourced pieces designed by craftspeople.

For this reason, interior designers are now creating their custom furniture ranges. Consider décor collaborations with established brands to meet the demand!

4. Sustainably Shopping

Eco-friendly and sustainable goods are on the rise. Consumers are putting their money into brands and products with a clear commitment to sustainability.

In 2024, people simply don’t want goods that cost the earth. Well-made products with durability and increased life spans are now the preferred option.

How can you meet this demand as a store owner?

One way is to create a brand with social values that match your customers. Source your materials responsibly, or get into the upcycling business!

5. An Emerging Millennial Market

The next generation is now entering the market! Expect more millennials to begin purchasing and furnishing their first homes in 2024.

Millennials often get inspired and influenced by social media. They’re keen to create homes with individuality whilst following the trends.

As a store owner, you must meet this generation’s desire for quality and value for money. My tip is to make your brand visible to your target audience through social media.

Leoma-Harper-Marketing a home décor business
Leoma Harper is the founder of the website’s also a social media influencer with 133k Instagram followers @styletheclutter. The image is from a collaboration with Snug Sofa.

4 Tips for Home Decoration E-Commerce Marketing

Did you know that e-commerce is a great way to reach consumers shopping for home décor?

In the past, homeowners used online research as a tool before physically visiting stores to make purchases. However, we now see an increase in shoppers researching and purchasing online!

Recently, shoppers have been buying directly from Google and home interest sites like The House Directory. They’re also influenced by what they see on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok.

To stay relevant, your next goal should be to update your e-commerce business strategy. Here’s how you do it.

1. Invest in Influencer Marketing

There has never been a better time for businesses to collaborate with influencers to sell products.

Millions of viewers visit social media sites to find inspiration and product recommendations. Additionally, 61% of those viewers say they trust recommendations from social media influencers.

You may have seen Instagrammers show followers their well-designed homes. These videos, depicting thoughtfully placed furniture and home accessories, can fuel demand.

With the right partnership, influencer marketing can generate leads for your home décor products!

2. Setup for Shopping via Social Media

Social media is no longer just an inspirational tool. Brands can now integrate shops into these social media platforms.

Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest have recently made it easier for merchants to sell directly. These platforms are an instantaneous method of connecting users to shops.

My tip is to create a robust social media page with focused campaigns and product images. If possible, hire social media specialists that can target specific users.

As a shop owner, it’s important to understand how social media promotes your business. Use it to maintain your place at the forefront of your consumer’s thoughts!

Salvesen Graham, has an enviable reputation as a creator of authentic Future Heritage interiors. They have collaborated with furniture and accessories specialists to create a collection Salvesen Graham has 25 years of experience and over 104K followers on Instagram.

3. Create Engaging Videos

Video is a driving sales force in the home décor sector. Consumers often use YouTube and Facebook reviews as a research tool.

A recent Comscore report says one in five purchases happen after watching a video review. Over 68% of consumers prefer learning about a product through videos, and 96% find videos helpful in making a purchase decision.

Videos are a powerful way to promote products, especially when you can’t demonstrate them live. Moreover, out of all the social media platforms, I believe Instagram has an edge in the quality of content.

Instagram gives creators the ability to tag products from your store in reels. You can use these reels to increase your reach and showcase product features!

The deVOL lifestyle features design awards, blogs, an accessories shop, and videos. My favourites are their How We Make TV series. deVOL Kitchen has 778.1K followers on Instagram.

4. Write Meaningful Content

On Facebook and Instagram, your posts are only popular for a day or two. In contrast, the effects of a blog post are long-lasting.

Well-written blogs are tools for educating potential clients about what you have to offer. They also boost your visibility on Google and drive more traffic to your website.

Blogs help your business when you keep them up-to-date. They also foster trust in your brand if you keep them unbiased and educational.

As a store owner, you should learn about keywords that’ll put your website at the top of searches. It’s best to improve your local SEO to beat your competitors!

Launch Vaughan’s website to view a video of founders Lucy and Michael Vaughan discussing the history of the company. Vaughan Designs has a strong presence on social media, including 55K Instagram followers. Discover the inspiration for the new Eltham Collection!

How to Reach More Customers Online

Getting expert advice is the key to success in everything we do. Seeking knowledge from an industry specialist will lead you to a successful business.

Here are some tips to help you to reach a wider audience in the year ahead!

  • Website Optimisation: Optimise your website to increase visibility. Regularly update your blog to build a presence on search engines.
  • Get Testimonials: Encourage customers to give you high ratings on review sites. Reviews offer a powerful business boost in the home décor market.
  • Build an Email List: You can ask customers to subscribe to your newsletter for the latest promotions. Email lists connect you with your audience through blogging.
  • Use Google Ads: Set a budget for advertising on Google and social media. Doing so can widen your net and help you reach potential customers.
  • Schedule Posts: Understand your customers and create a content schedule. Create content to inform, inspire, entertain, and engage your audience across social media.

How to Use Instagram for a Home Décor Business

Being a member of My Deco Marketing, people often ask me to reveal the secrets to success on Instagram.

The strategy that brings success to a home décor retail business on Instagram depends on several factors. You have to rethink your ability to target your audience and watch out for competition.

Here are three things you can do to reach a wider audience on Instagram.

1. Be Consistent

Post consistently while having both quantity and quality in mind.

Avoid sales-type posts and take a more genuine approach. Build your brand presence through real-life stories.

The goal of posting is for your audience to engage with the lifestyle you portray. Don’t forget to use high-quality images that showcase products!

2. Vary Your Content

Create a varied portfolio of content across all social media formats. What’s fun about this tip is you can get creative with videos in reels and IGTV!

To begin, you may show behind-the-scenes footage in your stories in a way that connects with your audience. Afterwards, you can guide users through curated collections of your products.

3. Build a Community of Loyal Fans

To build a community, one trick is to encourage user-generated content. Host a contest to engage your community and spread the word about your products.

In addition, get testimonials and positive comments on social media. These reviews are highly persuasive in selling products.

Ask clients to share images of their purchases on social media and have them tag others to reshare. This is a simple way to increase your reach across Instagram!

How to Become More Visible on Social Media

With the online world becoming increasingly crowded, home décor businesses must cut through the noise to make a brand visible online.

Establishing an online presence is like building real estate. The goal is to make your brand recognisable enough to entice consumers to open the door and enter your business.

Brands that seek professional advice regarding content marketing and blogging become successful. Moreover, companies with organic and paid strategies for social media are in a prime position for growth.

You should take advantage of the consumer shift to an increasing demand in online shopping!

About the Author

Fiona Mostyn runs My Deco Marketing, a specialist marketing agency for interior designers and home décor brands. She works directly with interior designers and home décor companies to help them reach target markets.

Fiona also provides CPD (Continuing Professional Development) training for the British Institute of Interior Designers and The Home Staging Association UK & IE. She hosts regular learning events at The Decorcafe Network for design and creative businesses.

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