Manuel Canovas 2018

Inspired by the work of French artist Jean Lurçat, and the sophisticated style of interior designer Madeleine Castaing, the Manuel Canovas 2018 Collection features rich jewel shades, eye-catching prints and luxurious velvets in a beautiful range of colours. In contrast, the bohemian chic series evokes a French country house style, with stitched embroidery designs and checks, stripes and ikats. The new sheers in the collection convey an understated country look, mixed with subtle colours and luxurious vintage finishes.

Manuel Canovas 2018

Curtains: Morisot, anis 04971/03
Chair: Rivoli, rose ancien 04982/30
Cushions on chair (from rear): Renoir, anis 04973/03; Rivoli, prairie 04982/19
Stool: Morny, peche 04968/04

Manuel Canovas 2018
Curtains: Vogue, rose buvard 04987/14
Chairs: Derain, orange 04970/02
Sofa: Rivoli, mandarine 04982/16

Manuel Canovas 2018

Blinds: Fabry, rose 04985/14
Chair: Gramont, celadon 04976/02
Sofa: Brissac, canard 04999/14
Cushions on sofa (left to right): Mezerac, tomate 04984/04; Severac, tomate 04978/04; Pontac, hibiscus 04981/12; Ambroise, tomate 04977/03; Sevigne, celadon 04991/04; Pontac, rose 04981/13; Aurimont, corail M4003/02; Montfleury, nattier 04975/01; Pontac, rose 04981/13
Stool: Bellecombe, corail M4002/03

Manuel Canovas 2018

Blind: Sevigne, celadon 04991/04
Chairs: Brissac, cypres 04999/13
Cushions (left to right): Montfleury, nattier 04975/01; Brissac, anis 04999/24; Montfleury, nattier 04975/01; Brissac, lilas 04999/23; Aurimont, sauge M4003/01; Severac, celadon 04978/02

Manuel Canovas 2018

Screen: Proust, emeraude 04969/04
Chairs (clockwise from left): Rivoli, mandarine 04982/16; Rivoli, ocean 04982/22; Rivoli, rose ancien 04982/30; Rivoli, ocean 04982/22

Trade Showroom: G2 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, London SW10 0XE.

Tel: 00 44 (0)20 7351 0666

Retail Showroom: 110 Fulham Road, London SW3 6HU.

Tel: 00 44 (20) 7244 7427



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