Lapicida’s new showroom


Lapicida’s new 5000 sq foot London showroom in the King’s Road brings together the company’s traditional stone working skills and leading-edge technology. There are antique floors in marble, limestone and terracotta reclaimed from ancient buildings, but also examples of Lapicida‘s high-tech manufacturing capabilities: from 3D objects carved by the most advanced CNC machines in the world to vast walls of book matched and vein cut marbles. Water jet and laser cutting techniques allow remarkable new textural finishes on stone. Metals including silver, nickel and brass can be nano-bonded to textured stone tiles and architectural elements.

new Lapicida showroom

The new flagship showroom is a total environment in stone: on walls, on floors, on ceilings; as cladding, as architectural elements and as one-off panels.

Sandstone bamboo from Lapicida

This incredible 3-D bamboo wall cladding is carved from solid sandstone.
£12,000 per sq m.

Lapicida pietra dura fishpond

The ancient art of Pietra Dura, using pieces of coloured and semi-precious stone to create highly realistic, almost 3D designs, is still alive today. This panel, custom-made to sit in a lead cistern, shows a Koi carp swimming in a lily pond. Materials used include mother of pearl, labradorite, green onyx, coloured marbles and various semi-precious stones. Pietra Dura work from £5,000 per sq m.

backlit onyx from Lapicida

This is a single slab of onyx, dramatically backlit from behind to bring its natural colours and characteristic patterning to life. From £495 per sq m.

limestone with inlaid leaves from Lapicida

A riven limestone panel is inlaid with wooden leaves. This piece is 60x60cm.
It can be custom-designed in any size. £1195 per sq m.

Lapicida offer a wide range of specialist services to architects, interior designer and individual clients. With custom design and bespoke manufacturing, the starting point is the premise that “anything is possible”. Within the showroom there are dedicated meeting areas and an inspiring Stone Library with over 300 physical samples of stone.

533 Kings Road, London SW10 0TZ. T: 020 3012 1000   All above prices are ex VAT.



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