Japanese woodwork panels from Biden Design

These beautiful and airy panels are not fretwork but are made by assembling tiny pieces of wood without nails using a traditional Japanese technique which originated in the 7th century. They can divide space without blocking light; they can be used as a screen between a bathroom and a bedroom or in a open-plan kitchen. They can also fit into a window as decoration or to obscure unsightly views.

These Japanese Ornamental Woodwork Panels from Biden Designs are available in thirteen patterns. The quality of material is paramount because 0.1mm of discrepancy makes it impossible for the tiny wooden pieces to fit together in their intricate geometric pattern. A craftsman assembles it by creating slits and holes while adjusting each piece with planes and chisels.  Japanese cedar is normally used for its stability and beautiful grains though American cedar tree can be used as an alternative.  The panels are made to order to specified sizes. Delivery is three weeks, and their retail cost is from £240 per square metre.

View the range at the David Seyfried showroom:  1/5 Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, London SW10 0XE UK.  www.davidseyfried.com ,  020-7823 3848
For other enquiries or a PDF catalogue, contact Biden Designs on Tel: 020 8563 2925, www.bidendesigns.com



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