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We are about to move into a period house where the sash windows are single glazed, some painted shut, and in not a very good state of repair. Rather than rip them out and replace them we would like to refurbish and upgrade them if possible but can’t seem to find anyone offering this type of service. Can you help?

  Sash Repairs employs fully qualified carpenters/joiners who have a minimum of 10 years' experience carrying out sash window repairs. They also provide draught proofing; if joinery has deteriorated beyond repair, Sash Repairs has an in-house joinery workshop making double or single glazed sash windows matching the originals and crafted using traditional joinery techniques.

I'm trying to find a chrome 'no junk mail' sign for my door.  Do you know where I can find one? My internet search has proved fruitless. 

Architectural Components offer one in polished stainless steel which goes well with their polished chrome letterplates. It’s on their website under Signs. They have explained to me that it’s really not worth the expense of having a brass one especially chrome-plated, although they could do it if you are desperate!

I would like to get rid of my net curtains. I’ve seen frosted window film and was wondering who supplies it?

Opaque adhesive vinyl film is becoming really popular as it offers privacy, is easy to install and is a fraction of the cost of etched glass. Brume supplies a wide range of smart contemporary designs, including frosted, coloured, spotted, or striped versions (they can be cut to size to your measurements).

I am looking for sliding patio doors with four panes (total 6m wide).

The London Door Company design and manufacture bespoke traditional and contemporary doors from fine quality hardwoods to suit every period of property. A complete design service is offered from the initial appointment, survey, selection of hardware, door furniture and glass through to the installation of the finished product. They make front, garden and internal doors, as well as sliding or folding room dividers. You could also try Mumford & Wood or Ayrton Bespoke.

We have modernized our now eco-friendly house and have a situation where there are two rooms which are connected by a door, but one of the rooms is very dark. We would like some light to pass into this room from the front, south facing one. To complicate matters further, the room which is dark will occasionally be used as a guest bedroom and we don’t want a door with clear glass for reasons of privacy. What type of door could you suggest for this?

Here are a few ideas. Consider a door with etched or frosted glass, but with a thin frame of clear glass against the wooden frame of the door. That frame of clear glass allows the light to come through but retains the sense of privacy from room to room. You could also cover a glass door with a film which has a design, such as small dots or stars which would allow the light to shine through. Brume can supply this type of film. You might also consider a stained glass door from The London Door Company.

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