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I would be so grateful if you could possibly tell me how I can use fabric to cover a wall?

This process is called fabric walling and there are several methods; usually the wall has a series of battens and wadding and the fabric is then applied over this framework. You can opt for an invisible finish, or with braid or double piping; it can be also be used on doors, headboards and in home cinemas. As well as its luxurious decorative properties, fabric walling provides sound and thermal insulation. Mille Couleurs are specialists in precisely this technique.

I am looking for solid glass finials to fit a 50mm wooden pole.

  McKinney & Co has a huge range of exquisite poles, finials, pelmets, coronas and doorknobs in every conceivable style. Each and every item can be custom-finished. Clear and coloured glass finials are available in a wide range of sizes.

We are looking for a high quality firm who will come to measure and make fitted bedspreads and bolsters in North London.

If you link to the Curtains, Blinds & Soft Furnishing section on the home page of  TheHouseDirectory, then link to Curtain Makers, you'll see a list of companies that  custom-make bolsters and bedspreads. Specialists in your area include Abbeygale InteriorsKetcher & Moore and Gina Moore .

I would like to cover the ground floor windows of my house with a contemporary- look fabric as I dislike net curtains. Can I hang this fabric quite flat with a weighted bottom bar rather than have it gathered, or would it look too much like I have just hung a flat bed sheet against the window?

That should work. I suggest attaching the fabric to a pelmet with Velcro so it is easy to remove for washing. Also consider: 1. Screening only the bottom half if you have sash windows. 2. Using the sheer fabric to make a stiffened roller blind. 3. Using an iron pole (which could be hung from the ceiling or wall) and hanging the sheer fabric from the pole with ties. 4. Making a soft blind which rolls up.

I would like to dye the loose covers of a two-seater sofa. Can you recommend a company who will do this please?

There are only a few companies who will tackle dyeing loose covers as there is a high risk of shrinkage. Loose covers must be in good condition and preferably pre-shrunk. We suggest you try one of the following specialist dying companies and take their advice: Chalfont Cleaners & Dyers 020-7935 7316 Elias (St John's Wood) 020-7586 3424 Harry Berger Cleaners & Dyers 0161-282 2860 Blue Mill 0116-248 8133

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