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As a client, looking for top-class furniture makers and UK furniture suppliers. The House Directory has to be your perfect choice. Independently run since 2008 The House Directory provides a valuable source of information and resources in the manufacturing industry. Introducing furniture makers, interior designers and customers together ever since.

Bridging the Gap

The House Directory goes beyond simple business. It is a platform that makes ideas come true by bringing together those looking for beautiful furniture with skilled designers and British furniture manufacturers. Thus bridging the gap between design and manufacture and delivering quality furniture to customers.

The House Directory is a talent pool that captures the essence of custom craftsmanship. A platform where customers in search of crafted products can visit, browse and connect with craftsmen.

Search by Furniture by Category

Our easy-to-use platform makes searching for a piece of furniture a breeze. It offers a convenient and easy way to narrow down your options and find the specific type of furniture you’re looking for.

Whether you’re seeking a particular style for a room, or wooden furniture. The categorization on our directory makes the process fast and efficient.

Diverse Styles and Materials

We list and feature furniture producers who specialise in a variety of styles and materials. Which celebrates diversity in every way, you will find craftsmen that bring these ideals to reality. Whether your taste goes towards the warmth of rustic wood, the sleekness of metal, or the sophistication of glass. We list products and manufacturers that suit all tastes and desires.

Customisation at Its Finest

Customisation is all about creating each piece to the specifications and vision of the customer. Our database connects you to artists that enjoy working in teams, accepting clients’ original ideas and turning them into tangible projects. The possibilities are endless, from unique statement pieces that spark conversation to custom cabinets that fit perfectly.

Join our Platform to Showcase your Bespoke Designs & Products

Increase the internet visibility of your business and find new clients. Become a member of our reputable and long-standing online design & manufacturing community.

We have listed below that as a furniture designer, we will help your business grow.

Exposure to a Wider Audience

Our directory gives you a far wider audience than is typically possible. Connecting you with people who value and appreciate your distinctive creations and want the finest quality furniture available.

Marketing and Promotion

Take advantage of our astute marketing and advertising strategies. We are committed to helping your concepts and goods stand out since we understand how important exposure is in the competitive market of today.

Customer Interaction

Touch base with prospective customers that are eager to investigate and purchase distinctive designs and products. Our platform simplifies the communication process, making it simple for potential customers to contact you.

Opportunities for Networking

Using our directory, helps you to engage with a group of people who share the same interests. Including fellow innovators and business leaders in the industry.

Get in Touch Today

If you are involved in the design & production of furniture, it makes perfect sense to join us. As furniture designers, by joining our platform you can present your designs and products. Thus making the correct move towards a new era of business success and recognition. Getting in touch with us right away you will not be disappointed.

Why use Our Directory

For customers, designers & manufacturers alike, our platform is quick, cost-effective, and simple to use. We list over 3,500 companies covering every aspect of interior and landscape design. Making it simple for customers and manufacturers to find or showcase bespoke luxury furniture and many other items.

·         Free monthly newsletter including the newest styles and helpful information.

·         Use the free “Ask the Experts” feature for inquiries about decorating and sourcing products.

Make us your first choice for finding products and services or showcasing a bespoke furniture design.



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