I’m looking for wallpaper with an exotic location scene and a New York city photo scene.

Ornamenta will make up a ‘Site Specific wallpaper’, which is created individually for each location. Anything is possible - you can choose from landscapes, historic paintings and frescoes, city skylines, seascapes, architecture, or whatever your imagination allows. Another company with a bespoke wall covering service is Bryony Alexander. You can turn your own images into an entirely unique wall covering, digitally printed and scaled to fit your wall space. The wipeable wallcovering can be applied to your walls using any good quality wallpaper paste.

I would be so grateful if you could possibly tell me how I can use fabric to cover a wall?

This process is called fabric walling and there are several methods; usually the wall has a series of battens and wadding and the fabric is then applied over this framework. You can opt for an invisible finish, or with braid or double piping; it can be also be used on doors, headboards and in home cinemas. As well as its luxurious decorative properties, fabric walling provides sound and thermal insulation. Mille Couleurs are specialists in precisely this technique.

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