Can you help me find glass shades for a Victorian brass chandelier?

Lamps and Lights have everything you need to restore period lighting, from candle holders and flex to ceiling hooks and roses. Their range includes a selection of glass lamp shades-from contemporary glass globes to fluted Victorian styles.

I would like to buy a Hadrill Horstmann counterweight Anglepoise type lamp. Any idea where I can see or buy one?

Here is the response from Tom Oates of Chelsea Lighting Design. 'Hadrill Horstmann was a British company based in Surrey, which ceased trading about 1965. They typically used a counterweight balance like the one pictured. The nearest equivalents currently manufactured are from Anglepoise, which uses a spring system, or Tecnolumen, which uses a counterweight system.'

I was wondering if you could tell me where I could get a nice selection of coloured silk cord or flex for some lamps that I would like to get rewired?

Period Features supplies antique gold or brown three-core electrical cable and Jim Lawrence has braided cable in black, brown, burgundy and green.  You should also try Lamps and Lights who stock 14 colours of flex in three different styles. (Image Period Features)

I bought a card globe pendant lampshade from Habitat about 4-5 years ago. Habitat no longer stock the product. Is there another company that does a similar product?

Geoffrey Harris has an excellent range of smart yet simple lighting including design classics of the 50s and 60s.Pictured is the Bubble Lamp – Ball designed by George Nelson.

Can you help me find traditional table and floor lamps that don’t look like reading lights yet have 100 watt capacity to give good light for reading?


Phillips & Wood suggest that a 60 watt bulb should be more than sufficient for a reading light. With a traditional 100 watt bulb heat can build up and damage the bulb holder or, depending on the size and finish, damage the lampshade. (Image: Vaughan Designs)

Jim Lawrence confirmed that a higher watt bulb could be a problem but you can get around this by using a low energy, cool equivalent, like a compact florescent or led lamp.

For an excellent selection of light bulbs which would provide the strength of light without the heat, speak to the experts at Electricpoint.

We also asked Lucy Vaughan about using an double lamp holder to hold two 40w or 60w bulbs and she said that, ”We can wire most of our table lamps (not candlesticks) to take 'S-fittings' with two bulbs, at a charge of £70 per lamp,but you would still run the risk of burning the lampshade. Anyway 100 watt bulbs are now unavailable!”

Companies that have an excellent range of traditional lighting include:

Altfield , Joanna Wallis, Clare Mosley, Collier Webb, Vaughan, Soane    

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