Can you help me find a paisley fabric in vibrant colours?

For an excellent selection of both fabrics and wallpapers I suggest you try doing a search for 'paisley fabric' on

I am looking for an ancient Hunting MacRae tartan plaid. Do you know of a source for high quality fabric?

  James Hare, a very fine manufacturer of silks, has a Hunting MacRae tartan which would be ideal.

Can organic merino wool or organic cashmere be used for upholstering a headboard?

The vast majority of cashmere and wools are not 100% organic due to dyes used and importing regulations stipulating that the wool must be fumigated, which negates the organic wool/cashmere issue. However, Loro Piana have two cashmere fabrics that are organic, available through Nuttall, as they are undyed. Nuttall carry the full Loro Piana cashmere range which can be used for upholstery. They are happy to send samples

Where can I find a heavy linen to cover an antique chair?

Tissus d'Helene  represent international fabric companies from the UK, the US and Europe. Have a look at their  Lynford Linen from Blithfield, available in natural, sage, spice or currant - or one of the rich heavy linens from Souveraine. You might also try Lewis & Wood  for their chunky Scottish linen (shown here). These companies also have an excellent selection: Volga Linen, The Linen Shop, The Linen Works, Kothea, Ada & Ina and NotJustWhite. Contact details for all these companies are on our main listings pages.

Where can I find fabric with an equestrian theme for a boot room?

Lewis & Wood specialise in fabrics and wallpapers with sporting and character themes. The design shown here is   'Hunting Themes'. It was created from an original 1860s hand-coloured lithograph which celebrated the thrills and spills of the hunt.

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