I am looking for someone to re-gild my mirror.

There are two types of gilding used on mirrors: oil gilding using a type of glue based on linseed oil with gold leaf laid on with a gilder's knife, tip and cushion; or water gilding, a more intricate process which consists of applying a series of coats of gesso, layers of bole ( a refined clay in a variety of colours), on top of which gold leaf is applied, then a protective coat of ormolu. You might wish to see samples of each type before you decide how you would like your mirror to be refinished. Specialists in gilding include the following companies: E & A Wates, Bourlet, Titian Studios.

I live in a flat within a listed building in central London. The path to the front entrance to the building has original tiling leading to the front door. Most of the tiles are starting to chip away or fall apart and I would like to replace them. Can you point me in the right direction of a specialist?

Craven Dunnill Jackfield are specialists in geometric Victorian tiles, which are part of Britain's heritage. They were used originally to adorn medieval churches and monasteries, but can also be found on front paths all over the country. Craven Dunnill Jackfield are expert at manufacturing hand made encaustic and geometric floor tiles and can match existing or create new patterns.

I have two large fabric-upholstered sofas that are about 20 years old. They were very expensive at the time and seem still to be in excellent condition, but I would love to have them re-upholstered in good quality  leather. How can I find someone in my area who would do such  work?

We suggest you try The Association of Master Upholsterers . If you link to their directory you will see a regional list of qualified upholsterers who could help you. Speak to a few on the list to see if they could recover your sofa in leather and find out what each would charge. It might also be useful to see examples of their work.

Where can I find a company who will re-cane my Bergere sofa? I live in SW London.

E & A Wates provides restoration services for all types of furniture: structural work to loose joints and drawer runners, replacing or treating woodwormed sections, veneering cutting in leather tooled tops to desks and conservation work. Also French polishing, cane and rush work, carving and gilding and everything from making new table leaves to creating replica chairs and designing marquetry to disguise damaged surfaces.

I am renovating an oak needlework cabinet. It’s covered in the original silk fabric with a braid trim. The trim is still in good shape on the lid but missing round the edge of the box. Where can I source new braid?

If you are looking for a small amount of braid it might be best to visit either John Lewis or Peter Jones; both have good curtain departments with a huge selection of trimmings. If you are after a specialist manufacturer, we suggest you try either Brian Turner Trimmings (manufacturers of furnishing trimmings to Her Majesty the Queen), Henry Newbery & Co  or Wendy Cushing Passementerie .