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For over three decades Waterworks has transformed the bath through an absolute commitment to design authenticity, innovation and quality. From a single powder room hand towel to a complete master bathroom suite, Waterworks creates an experience that reflects their clients’ visions for themselves and their worlds. When you engage in the Waterworks' experience you gain access to a rich heritage of expertise, service and innovation.

Personalise your bathroom with refined accessories such as finely detailed knobs, tissue holders, towel rings and towel bars. Beautifully crafted toothbrush holders and soap dishes in lavish materials elevate your master bath, while elegant bath linens welcome guests. Waterworks' accessories are designed not merely to complement their fittings and fixtures but to transform intimate indulgences into truly personal environments.

Waterworks - Bathrooms - Manufacturers & Distributors of Fittings, Sanitaryware, Showers

Fully integrated into the Waterworks approach is an expert understanding of design history and fabrication process. The blend of scholarly appreciation and applied experience guarantees mechanical integrity, meticulous craftsmanship and timeless designs. From antique to contemporary, their faucets and fittings boast innovative, elegant and timeless design.

Waterworks understands how products can come together in a multifaceted sensory composition. Creamy glazed ceramic against richly grained mahogany, delicate colours and vivid veined marble; each element possesses subtle character and together can be effortlessly sophisticated.

Waterworks - Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Waterworks sinks and mixers quietly embody quality. Each vessel takes on the character of its medium,  whether stainless steel,  copper, wood, marble, concrete or porcelain demonstrating their respect for design authentic craftsmanship and materials. From antique to contemporary, Waterworks' faucets and fittings boast innovative, elegant and timeless design suiting every aesthetic.

Illuminating every room of your home – oversized sconces, pendants and chandeliers are rendered in superior materials including hand blown glass and richly textured finishes. Waterworks lighting brings effortless transition form bath to bedroom,  foyer to kitchen.

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