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Biden Designs

David Seyfried, 1/5 First Floor Centre Dome. Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XE
Tel: 020-8563 2925

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Wallpaper / Metallic Wallpaper /

The special technique using oxidation and corrosion of gold, silver, copper and aluminium leaves creates stunningly opulent colours. After wafer thin handmade Washi paper is lined, the metal leaves are laid and pressed section by section. They are available in four patterns: Bamboo, Camellia, Trees and Lotus, and bespoke designs up to 100cm in repeat may also be created. A translucent version, the most recent addition, lets through light if applied on glass or resin.

Wallpaper / Textured Wallpaper (Flock, Hessian, Anaglypta) /

This extraordinary wall covering made of natural wood was runner up in its category for The International Design and Architecture Award. The sustainably sourced wood is sliced into strips of just 0.16mm, and then dyed and woven to display the beautiful grain of Paulownia wood. The natural sheen of the material and the woven texture create unique multifaceted, animating effects, which can be enormously enhanced by lighting. Twenty- two beautiful colours are available in 3cm x 3cm, 5cm x 5cm and 8cm x 8cm square patterns.

Curtains & Blinds & Soft Furnishings / Blinds, Window Film & Awnings /

Biden Designs developed a collection of textured materials which can create backlit walls. Some paper is translucent and becomes more see through when laminated between sheets of glass or resin because of the applied pressure. This makes it perfect for obscuring views, defusing light sources, and making glass look more organic while letting light through. The solid versions of Washi Paper can be applied on walls.

Doors & Windows / Traditional Door & Cabinet Fittings /

These decorative handles add distinctive finishing touches to furniture and cabinets. They are all hand finished and attention to detail is outstanding. The finishes are various: painted in black, plated with antiqued silver, etc, but, Biden particularly love the cloisonné finish whose colours are absolutely gorgeous. For those who prefer simple designs, they also offer alternative finishes.

Wallpaper / Contemporary Wallpaper /

Biden Designs are pleased to introduce a beautiful Japanese silk wallcovering collection of 52 stunning colours. Finest quality silk largely developed by the kimono industry is carefully lined by hand to create the product. All the wallcoverings are in solid colours. However, the feather-weight silk fabrics have an organic appearance and are made using a traditional technique called “Tsumugi”; threads from double cocoons (cocoons with two worms) are randomly mixed to add a subtle texture. Available in two sizes: 94cm x185cm/sheet and 94cm x 7.4m/roll. Delivery is approximately 2 weeks.