If you are decorating a nursery or searching for children’s furniture, you may not wish to opt for an age-specific range. Instead, consider buying furniture that will last throughout childhood.

Here are some ideas from Go Modern who distribute the Italian range, Battistella.

1.Select beds and furniture which can adapt in size and style and that are not gender-oriented.

Modern children's furniture compilation by Battistella

A modern composition of furniture from Battistella. This range is gender neutral and perfect for accessorising and adding to as a child’s needs and preferences change.

2.Removable safety features can be added including guard rails for beds.

3.Avoid themed or fantasy furniture. These may seem like a great idea at the time but children’s interests change quickly and those large expensive pieces will soon need replacing as they become too childish.

Shelving, children's furniture by Battistella

Battistella’s neat shelving unit can be dressed with age appropriate toys or books.

4.Consider what your child needs in the way of furniture now and what you can add later. You may now only need a bed and a chest of drawers, but may later want to add a wardrobe, so look at children’s furniture collections that are flexible.

5.Look for furniture which is practical, yet bright and lively in appearance.

Desk and chair, children's furniture by Battistella

A simple desk for toddler arts and crafts can become a homework corner once a child starts school.

6.Make certain the items you choose do not have sharp edges.

7.Consider beds with trundle beds underneath for when friends stay the night.

Trundle bed with storage, children's furniture by Battistella

A neat example of a trundle bed, also with under-bed storage.

8.Some manufacturers have extending beds in their range, which can be increased from 138 cm to 208 cm in length.

9.Beds, including bunk beds, which have integrated chests of drawers, or desks or simply a storage drawer underneath are space savers.

Desk to bed, children's furniture by Battistella

Desk to bed, children's furniture by Battistella

This clever solution from Battistella, seamlessly transforms from desk to bed, perfect for when space is tight.

10.Capture the age of your child by changing wall art, lamps, bed linen, area rugs, books in a bookcase and paint colours or wallpaper in the room.

Shelving by Battistella

These colourful shelves can display toys and art projects for younger children and later become useful book storage.

11. If you are completely renovating your home, don’t forget to wire in for advancing technology.

To see more of the modern and versatile Battistella range, visit Go Modern.

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