Polished Concrete/Poured Resin

 Bentinck House, 3-8 Bolsover Street, London W1W 6AB

 020 7118 9100



For the past 25 years, Puur have been perfecting a range of seamless polished concrete and poured resin flooring and staircases, available in tones from pure white to pastel shades and vibrant colours. Puur resin and polished concrete floors are perfect for all areas of the home and retail, commercial applications. There are four core products in their seamless flooring range: Puur PSR (polished concrete overlay), Puur Poured Resin, Puur Microcrete and Stone Carpet. Puur floors are featured in award-winning homes and businesses, including Tiffany Covent Garden, END Glasgow and Alexander Wang Bond Street. See Puur Floors London locations for public viewing.

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