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Office in West Sussex,
Tel: +44 (0)179-815572 Mobile: +44 (0)778-2339699
Email: Web:

The DECORATIVE COLLECTIVE launched onto the interiors scene in 2009 as one of the first online destinations to truly represent decorative antique dealers. In 2011 it launched a sister site, Hoarde Vintage and both enjoy enviable reputations for being transparent and trustworthy websites. The Decorative Collective has a mixture of decorative and traditional dealers from around the UK and Europe who add new items every day, throughout the day, tempting clients to pop back in often to see what’s new! It is well known for consistently showing items of high quality and is an online destination visited by some of the world's most influential and respected interior designers and private clients looking for both interior and garden items for projects worldwide.

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43 Old Bond St, London, W1X 4BA
Tel: 020-7290 9250 Fax: 020-7629 4359
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Charles Plante Fine Arts

50 Gloucester St, London, SW1V 4EH
Tel: 020-7834 3305 Fax: 020-7828 3499
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15 Old Bond St, London, W1S 4AX
Tel: 020-7491 7408 Fax: 020-7491 8851
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David Messum

8 Cork St, London, W1S 3LJ
Tel: 020-7437 5545 Fax: 020-7734 7018
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The Fine Art Society

148 New Bond St, London, W1S 2JT
Tel: 020-7629 5116 Fax: 020-7491 9454
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lona Antiques

PO Box 285, London, W8 6HZ
Tel: 020-7602 1193 Fax: 020-7371 2843
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141 New Bond St, London, W1S 2BS
Tel: 020-7499 7411 Fax: 020-7495 3179
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Nigel Rhodes Fine Art

7 High Street St. Martin's, Stamford, PE9 2LF
Tel: 01780-756667 Mobile: 07950-271898
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Rafael Valls

11 Duke St, London, SW1Y 6BN
Tel: 020-7930 1144 Fax: 020-7976 1596
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Richard Green

33 New Bond St, London, W1S 2RS
Tel: 020-7499 5553

147 New Bond St, London, W1S 2TS
Tel: 020-7493 3939

39 Dover St, London, W1S 4NN
Tel: 020-7499 4738
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Richard Philp Gallery

7 Ravenscourt Square, London, W6 0TW
Tel: 020-8748 5678 Fax: 020-8748 2949