‘If One Thing Matters’: exhibition by Lizzi Porter

Lizzi Porter’s exhibition ‘If One Thing Matters’, at the Barefoot Gallery in Colombo, Sri Lanka, depicts a series of small creatures painted in oil over gold leaf circular panels. The exhibition illustrates a world where these small animals encounter the detritus of the man-made. It demonstrates how insects, birds and animals co-exist within the landscape in a world we overlook: wrens perched on rusty old weapons, squirrels climbing blue plastic rope, a bird roosting on a tangle of wire. Against the gold leaf background these small creatures are elevated to the standard of religious icons. The exhibition makes us question what we fail to notice or consider insignificant and re-evaluate what we barely see.

paintwork, decorative paintwork

White squirrel on a washing line

paint, decorative paintwork, artwork

Bird on a wire

paint, decorative paint, art, artwork

Butterfly and plastic bottle

decorative paintwork, artwork, paint, art

Rusted chain, spotted cat

decorative paintwork, art, artwork paint

Bush baby on barrel of gun

decorative paintwork, art, artwork paint

Monarchs and machine gun

Lizzi Porter is a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Since 1995 she has worked for top interior designers (including Nicholas Haslam), architects, curators and private clients, excelling at interior decorative finishes: trompe l’oeil, chinoiserie, marbling, to name a few. Lizzi Porter undertakes many types of commissions worldwide.



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