‘Shop the Studio’ at de Le Cuona

Luxury brand de Le Cuona is launching its first collection of accessories to buy online, called ‘Shop the Studio’. There are cushions, cashmere shawls, throws, small pieces of furniture including pill stools and eel skin tables, one-off finds sourced from owner Bernie de Le Cuona’s travels. Her first collection of bags and travel items is on its way too…

Small Buffalo Cushion (Wild): £130; Karoo Buckle Cushion (Stone): £225; Chukka Chequer Cushion: £320

Cushions including the Karoo Buckle Cushion, £225

Silk Velvet Cushion Royal Yellow: £205; Pill Stool with piping and bigger £340 without piping and smaller £295

Big Buffalo Cushion: £395; Mandarin Cushion: £160; Silk Velvet Cushion (Royal Yellow): £205; Balmoral Cashmere Bed Blanket: £1,800

Shop the Studio’  interior and lifestyle products at www.delecuona.co.uk