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‘Callista’ by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Designer Clarissa Hulse is well known for her distinctive hand and her passion for colour and texture. This is her second collaboration with Harlequin, and she draws inspiration from a variety of influences including her enduring passion for plants, flowers and landscapes seen on long country walks, a nomadic childhood and her half-Greek heritage. For Callista, which means ‘most beautiful’ in ancient Greek, she has created a collection of woven fabrics, printed silks and wallpapers that display Clarissa’s trademark style: contemporary botanical designs coupled with intense colour.

Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Voile Curtains: Hortelano 131894 £96 per metre. This beautiful voile has been dip-dyed then embroidered and hand embellished. Wallpaper: Kalamia 111384 £69 a roll.
Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Sofa: Boutique Velvets, Mink 130032 £67 per metre.
Curtains: Angeliki 131888 £96 per metre.
Cushions in a selection of Callista Fabrics.

Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Large digitally-printed wallpaper panels (Hortelano 111412 £185 a roll) that can be cut to fit a wall, creating a whimsical vista of goose-grass stems.
Chair: Amazilia Velvets 131511 £92 per metre.
Cushions in a selection of Callista Fabrics.
Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

This wallpaper, with spindly reeds traversing bright silks, is Kalamia 111384, £69 a roll.
Table Runner: Angeliki 131935 £96 per metre.
Cushions in a selection of Callista Fabrics.

Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin
A selection of wallpapers from the Callista collection.

Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Layers of swaying Wiltshire meadow grasses inspired this Meadow Grass 111408 wallpaper, £65 a roll.

Callista by Clarissa Hulse for Harlequin

Wallpaper foreground: Angeliki 111402, £65 a roll, features giant fennel silhouettes, first spotted by Clarissa on a deserted hillside in southern Greece.
The wallpaper in the back room was inspired by acacia leaves found on Highbury Fields. It’s called Espinillo 111394, and is £69 a roll.

The exquisite fabrics include a silk and cotton mix jacquard weave, silk dupion prints and a beautiful dip-dyed voile. Clarissa’s love for colour is reflected in the Callista collection, where rich emerald, moss and forest greens are introduced to complement her trademark shades of kingfisher, neon pink, paprika, slate, turmeric and zinc. Her bold wallpapers are all printed on non-woven paper, which can be applied directly to a ready-pasted wall, making it very easy to hang.

Callista is available via Harlequin’s network of stockists both nationally and internationally. For stockists tel: 00 44 (0)845 123 6805




Floors of Stone’ new ceramic tiles

Floors of Stone have just launched an exclusive range of handmade ceramic tiles, created and designed in their on-site ceramics studio, at their Cotes Mill showroom.

The new collection, with intricate detail and simple glazes, has been created by Hannah Livesley, whose background is in art and design. She has used antique printing blocks, foraged flowers and flora from the Cotes Mill grounds, to inspire her designs.

Floors of Stone ceramic tiles

‘Meadow’ tiles

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The Gardens of Arne Maynard

Arne Maynard is one of the country’s most sought-after and internationally renowned garden designers. He’s celebrated for his ability to draw out the essence of a place. Written by Maynard himself, and illustrated with wonderfully atmospheric photographs by William Collinson, this beautiful book offers a fascinating insight into how his designs evolve.  Maynard explains that the ‘structure of [each] garden has to “hold hands” with the environment, respecting the architecture of the house and the setting, the climate and the culture, whether urban or in the country’. Some gardens are historical with a modern twist, others very contemporary, but all share Maynard’s passion for plants and ‘green’ structure, and appear timeless in their style.

The Gardens of Arne Maynard

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Paint & Paper Library relaunches

Paint & Paper Library was founded over twenty years ago by London-based interior designer and acclaimed colour expert, David Oliver. Now under new ownership, the brand has relaunched its two palettes of 85 ‘Original Colours’ and 95 ‘Architectural Colours’ and added 40 unique new shades to complement the existing tones.

Paint & Paper Library now offers its full colour palette in five superlative finishes. Their signature finish, Pure Flat Emulsion, is the mattest emulsion paint on the market. A water-based emulsion paint with the ultimate soft chalky finish, it is also micro-porous, to allow the fabric of a building to breathe; an important consideration for historic buildings. Their Architect’s Matt Emulsion provides a high performance water-based alternative which is completely washable, and offers excellent scuff and stain resistance. Architects’ Eggshell is a low sheen, tough and durable water-based acrylic paint suitable for all interior woodwork and walls, especially for kitchens and bathrooms where condensation may be problematic.

Paint & Paper Library

Wall: Apple Smiles II 570 – Pure Flat Emulsion

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Vintage Home by Judith Miller

Vintage Home (20th century Design for Contemporary Living) by Judith Miller is a practical collector’s guide, a celebration of the many decorative styles of the 20th century, and a guide to combining retro and contemporary pieces in your home. The ‘vintage’ designs covered in this book were all considered to be modern in their day, and many still do appear strikingly modern, despite their age. The book is not only a guide to designers who led the way in the 20th century, but shows us ‘influential pieces’ of each eclectic style, as well as these pieces in contemporary settings (many of them the designers’ own homes). Antiques expert Judith Miller shows how furniture and accessories from around the world, from different design eras and made for every taste and budget, can be sit comfortably together to create a new and individual look.

Verner Panton's Heart Chair

The Heart Chair is probably Verner Panton’s most recognisable design (1959). The strong shape and vibrant colour made it an international success. It holds its own in this brightly coloured room with a dramatic carpet. Photo: Andrew Boyd / © Jacqui Small LLP

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Volga Linen’s new collections

Volga Linen is launching four new fabric collections for London Design Week 2016, including a charming range of Russian folklore designs, a softly textured linen twill, and an elegant broad stripe with a darker top stitch detail.

Volga Linen, aprons

100% linen Bib Apron in bold new colours: Chinese Yellow, Prussian Blue and Plum. £49 each. The aprons can also be monogrammed (see their website for styles and prices).

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Victoria Stainow’s shell mirror & sconces

Bespoke furniture and lighting designer Victoria Stainow works with carefully selected craftsmen, mainly in France, using modern as well as traditional techniques and a variety of rich, materials including polished brass, glass, wood and parchment. Her latest products are the Molene Mirror and Sconces, created by artist Claudio Gonzalez using an original shell found during an archeological dig on the French island of Molene just off the coast of Brittany. The site was originally thought to be from the late Neolithic Period but there were also signs of early bronze age occupation. Most of the shells found on the island are Limpets but the shell used by Claudio is an Ormeau which is extremely rare and contains delicious meat. The shell was originally cast as a souvenir for the diggers on the site and each shell was engraved with the digger’s name on it. Claudio’s brother, an archeologist, was a director on the site.

Victoria Stainow - metal finishes

Some of the many custom finishes available.

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The Country House Ideal

The Country House Ideal, Recent Work by ADAM Architecture is a survey of country houses designed by the Winchester-based ADAM Architecture.  It places the country house in its rich historical context and explores the way in which ADAM Architecture – a practice of five directors, each with a distinct architectural personality – uses historical precedents, techniques and materials to design country houses for modern times.

Adam Architecture, East Hoe, exterior

A new Queen Anne-style wing of East Hoe Manor in Hampshire provides a sympathetic extension to the eighteenth century original.

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Craven Dunnill’s new Ludlow tile collection

Specialist tile company Craven Dunnill has launched the new Ludlow Collection of elongated brick-shaped wall tiles with a hand-made look and a pretty palette of colours.

Each tile is individually crafted with irregular edges and a gently undulating surface. The semi-transparent glaze follows the contours of the hand crafted tile and gives an individual charm and a heritage look.

Craven Dunnill, Ludlow tile

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Mix & match bathroom fittings from The Water Monopoly

The new Rockwell range of bathroom accessories from The Water Monopoly brings new freedom to bathroom design. You can mix and match gorgeously coloured tap heads, showers, flush handles and bath feet – they can complement each other or contrast as you like.

The range features a classic selection of Fifties-inspired colours, along with black, white and a variety of metal finishes. It means that children’s bathrooms can easily be changed as tastes develop and mature. And for hotels, the range finally provides the much longed-for versatility to respond to ever-changing demands of design and budget. For even greater flexibility, The Water Monopoly offers a bespoke colour creation service, so you could match your tiles or wallpaper…

Rockwell taps - The Water Monopoly

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